Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

My yearly "what I hope to be crafting" list for this year. I've tried to link what I could (and yes, some of these are carry overs from last year).
  1. Toddler Sewing Basket
  2. Rag Quilts for each kid
  3. ABC Scrapbook for Chaos
  4. Burp Cloths for Sprout
  5. Tie Fleece Blanket for Sprout
  6. Felt Playhouse
  7. Valentine's Day Table Runner
  8. 2010 Family Scrapbook
  9. 2011 Family Scrapbook
  10. Wild One's Baby Scrapbook
  11. Sprout's Baby Scrapbook
  12. Quilted Placemats (or this one)
  13. Remote Caddy for Basement Couch
  14. Handprint Ornamant for Wild One
  15. Happy Birthday Banner and Merry Christmas Banner
  16. I Spy Quilts
  17. Button Turkey
  18. Turkey Hairclip
  19. Glitter Christmas Ornament
  20. Felt Landscape
  21. Felt Racetrack
  22. Felt Kitchen
  23. Wooden Baby Blocks
  24. Felt Mr. Potato Head
  25. Advent Calendar
  26. Quilted Growth Chart
  27. Mini Christmas Tree Skirts for Pinky and Chaos
  28. Tutu bedskirt
  29. Hairbow Holder (my own design)
  30. Child artwork ornaments (2 types)
What do you hope to accomplish this year?

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