Friday, May 20, 2011

What We Did This Week - Bunny Theme

While playing in the backyard this week we discovered a rabbit had built a nest right next to our swing set. That was all the motivation we needed to learn more about rabbits!

I found a book (perfect for preschool/toddler aged children) about rabbits at the library.

The book covered a lot of basic information about rabbits - where they live, physical attributes, feeding, life cycle, making nests and mating.

After learning how rabbits build their nests, we decided to make our own. First I had each kid paint a paper plate brown. While they dried, the kids cut out bunny shapes that I drew for them.

Once the paper plates were dry, we cut them in half and stapled them together to form a "nest"." The kids used Easter grass, crayons and paper cut to look like straw to decorate their nests. Finally, we glued in the rabbits.

I was also able to find some poetry books about rabbits at the library.

Nibble Nibble (by the author of Goodnight Moon) contains 5 simple poems. The illustrations are lovely and the poems are quick reads.

Rabbits, Rabbits contained many more poems including some longer poems than the previous book. My kids really enjoyed the variety of poems in this book.

We also continued our Letter of the Week activity with Chaos. This week we made a "Bunny B." He loves that the ears are so long they hang off the page.

Finally, we did some "bunny math" using Carrots for the Rabbit play doh mats at the PreKinders blog.

What have you been up to this week?

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Anonymous said...

Our back yard is full of bunnies. We have never taken the time to study up on them though. Great idea for a libraby trip!

Jo @ SmileMonsters

Our Country Road said...

I love how you followed your kids' interest. Cute craft!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The nest is super cute!

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

mermaid said...

What a lovely piece of art! I also love how you followed your kids` interest. Oh I love bunnies.. I wish they walked in my garden :)

Art For Little Hands said...

I love all the books you added to it. Looks like a fun time learning about rabbits

RedTedArt said...

We love bunnies and all your bunnies are cute cute cute! The nest is adorable and the B-bunny is perfect!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!! Much appreciate your visit!


Michelle said...

Ah, nest is too cute! :) And he's so serious using a scissors! All in work!

Thanks for joining us in last week's High paw. See you again this week! :)

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