Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Birthday Gift for Dad

The kids made a really sweet, simple homemade gift for Daddy this year (the idea for this craft came from this post on I Heart Crafty Things).  I started by having each of them fingerpaint 4 popsicle sticks.  Wild One had a blast with this (once we convinced her that the sticks were not a utensil for eating the paint).  When they were dry, we glued them together to form a square.  Next I cut a piece of watercolor paper to fit the opening (I love the sturdiness of the watercolor paper - you could use any type of paper that you have on hand).  The kids each drew a picture and we glued it inside the frame.  We added a little twine so that these could be hung in his office. 

Our mini-masterpieces:

Pinky drew her and her Daddy outside, Chaos drew a fence with birds on it, and Wild One just had fun scribbling.

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