Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft Books

I'm a little late in posting this, but if you like it, you can pin it for next year!

While browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a great idea - a craft book that tells the story of Thanksgiving. The idea came from here on Musings of Me. I couldn't find a printable to go along with it, so I made my own.

Here's how ours turned out:

The cover is a painted hand print turkey.

The first page reads "The Pilgrims came to America." We made the pilgrims using construction paper, yarn and foam (for their hats).

"They sailed across the ocean on the Mayflower." First we painted the sky orange and sponge painted the ocean blue. The boat was made from construction paper and a straw (for the mast).

"The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock." The waves and yellow sand were cut from construction paper. We added a black foam rock and glued down sand for the beach.

"The men built houses for their families." Originally I wanted to make the houses from wooden craft sticks, but we were all out. Instead we cut strips of brown construction paper for the logs. The kids colored in the details.

"The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to grow and catch food." Our Native American is made of construction paper, foam feathers and yarn hair.

"They planted corn, picked berries, and caught fish." This page was my favorite. I had the kids paint with bubble wrap on a white sheet of paper (we used orange, yellow and brown paint). Once they were dried we cut out corn shapes. The green construction paper was added to complete the look.

"They hunted turkey." We cut out a brown turkey body from construction paper and added colorful feathers (this was Pinky's favorite).

"They had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast to celebrate how God had looked after them." This is Pinky's drawing of the first Thanksgiving (one Pilgrim, one Native American, turkey, cranberry sauce and blue popcorn).

When the kids were finished I punched a hole in the top corner of each page and tied them together with some ribbon. The kids are VERY proud of their books and they were a lot of fun to make.

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maggy, red ted art said...

Oh my! What an adorable book. Love every page. Gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Katie said...

Just pinned this! Adorable! Activities like this are perfect for my new linky party, Thrifty Thursday. Love for you to stop by and check out the activities, and link up if you'd like!

Laura @Art For Little Hands said...

What a cute book! I love the pictures your kids drew. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

Katie said...

YAY! Thanks again for coming by and sharing at Thrifty Thursday!

Elizabeth said...

Just came across this and am doing it with my son this year! What a cute, simple idea! We made the pilgrim page today and he had so much fun!

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