Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jesse Ornaments, Days 3 and 4

Our first snowfall and Wild One's second birthday left us a little sidetracked on our Jesse Tree adventure. We caught up tonight by making 2 ornaments. Wild One colored her ornaments too, but I don't planned to include a picture of hers every day since they're all essentially the same. I'll post a picture of all of them when we're finished.

Day 3 led us to the story of Noah and a rainbow ornament.

To make these, I first cut out a rainbow shape from white cardstock. The kids then went on a hunt for different colors to cut out from old magazines. (This was a fun way to work in color recognition for Chaos as well!). The kids glued down the squares they cut out and I trimmed the rainbow when they were finished. Easy peasy! Chaos was pretty thrilled to have Lightning McQueen on his rainbow too. ;)

Day 4 was the story of Abraham's faithfulness to God. To represent Abraham's new home, we made origami tents.

We used this tutorial, but at the end, we tucked in the sides to make the tent more square.

Click here to see our other Jesse Tree ornaments

1 comment:

Sarah O'Connor said...

The link to the tent tutorial is gone - can you tell me how you did it?

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