Friday, April 6, 2012

Superhero Games

This will be my final post about Chaos's "Superhero Playdate." I really had a lot of fun planning everything, but the GAMES were really the best part!

Don't you love that shirt? It's from flyduds on Etsy and is even cuter in person.

The day was set up so that the kids made their superhero capes first (if you haven't seen my tutorial yet you can see it HERE and be sure to check out my Superhero Logo Banner here too).

Once the kids donned their superhero identities it was time to send them on some missions to save the day!

I had the Batcave all set up for the kids and the first thing they noticed was that the heroes AND villains were missing!

That's because they had all been frozen!

I equipped the boys with with squirt guns (filled with warm water to speed up the process) and they had to squirt, break or otherwise melt the ice to rescue everyone. They LOVED this game, and I wish we would have had enough time to refreeze the figures and do it all over again! The idea for this game came from this post at Green Jello.

When their frozen mission was over, it was time to help out Superman. Someone had hidden Kryptonite all over and now he was without powers. It was up to our heroes to find all the Kryptonite that had been hidden.

The Kryptonite were really glowsticks (from the Dollar Store) that had been hidden in Chaos's darkened bedroom (or for our playdate purposes - The Batcave).

The idea for this game came from this post at designergirl007.

The next mission was purely for fun - Silly String- or rather, "Superhero Spray."

This could also be called a Spiderman game with the silly string being used as Spiderman's webs.

The final mission was a pretend photo op for the local paper to feature our heroes.

I had so many other great ideas pinned but didn't want to go overboard since this was SUPPOSED to be a simple, laid back playdate. You can check out some other superhero birthday ideas on my Birthdays Pinterest Board.

My "What We Did This Week" posts will resume next week. The kids and I are enjoying spring break and a visit from Grandma this week.

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