Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Learning - Reading

Our number one goal for learning this summer was to spend a lot of time reading.  I want to raise my kids to be avid readers who are excited to read new books.  I want books to be a part of their everyday routine.

Last year when Pinky was learning to read she set a goal to read 100 books by the end of summer.  I created a sticker chart for her and helped her find books that she was able to read (we read the entire Bob book collection and many intro readers).  It was hard work, but she was so determined. 

This summer she wanted to read even more.  We set her goal at 110 books.  It's getting trickier as her books are getting longer, and it's not quite as easy for her to ready a dozen books a day like it was before.  I mostly give her free choice of what she reads though I do make books available that I think she may enjoy and will allow her to improve her reading.  We have some basic ground rules: the book must have a story (not just one or two words per page) and no repeats.  If she reads a chapter book on her own we count it as 2 books.  I've also allowed her to choose to read a magazine in place of a book.  I don't want to be to strict on WHAT she reads, I just want her to read and enjoy it.  I think next summer we will set a goal for how long she reads each day instead of a certain number of books.  This is more in line with what her school requires (30 minutes a day, twice a day).

For Chaos, he is showing many signs of being ready to read.  He knows all of his letters and their sounds and can even recognize a few sight words.  We've begun VERY slowly introducing the Bob books to him.  I downloaded the Bob Books Reading Magic app for my iPhone, and he really enjoys it.  It's helped him become familiar with the books and words, which has helped him read and sound out a few words in the books.

To help him learn his sight words, I printed out our public school's Kindergarten sight word list on small cards.  I chose 5 words to start (the first sight words to appear in the Bob books) and taped them to his bedroom door.  I told him this was a "lock" for his door.  In order to unlock his door he had to touch each card and say the word.  To lock it when he left he had to do it again (in reverse order).  He thought it was hilarious and loves to "lock" his sisters out of his room.

We are continuing to reinforce letters and their sounds.  We love the LeapFrog movies (Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, Amazing Alphabet Adventure, Phonics Farm, Let's Go to School, and Word Caper).  Many of these are available on Netflix for instant streaming if you subscribe.

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