Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas cards are not for the faint of heart

Ah. It's that time of year again. Time to work ourselves into a maddening frenzy trying to get the "perfect" and most clever Christmas card picture.

This year started as most other years have - setting up the background (this year the tree, a wrapped box and 2 kids in Christmas pjs), getting the camera ready and adjusting the lighting. After resurrecting a box from the basement, finding the leftover wrapping paper, and wrestling our wiggle worm into a pair of pjs, we were ready. Well, until Chaos puked all over his pjs - orange puke from the squash he loved so much. No problem - we can photoshop that out, right?

And then, Pinky decided she didn't want to take a picture. Still, no biggie - just tell her that Santa was waiting for a card from her. She wanted to be sure he remembered where she lives, right? Great, we finally got her to agree. Then, the near deal-breaker happened: on her way to the picture spot Chaos pukes on her! Tears started instantly followed very quickly by dry heaves. Hubby and I tried very hard not to laugh.

I can't believe we even convinced her to pose for a picture with Chaos after that. We took a few shots - none great, none clever. If Hubby can photoshop Pinky's smiling face to the picture where Chaos is smiling we may have a halfway decent card...

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