Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Treats

Notice a theme forming? It's strange because, before kids, I never really cared for Halloween. I don't particularly enjoy getting dressed up, and it all just seemed like a bunch of hype to me. Since having kids though, Halloween is so much fun! Last year, I threw a Halloween play date for Pinky and her friends. I wanted to share some of the goodies we had that day (we had some food allergies, so I had limitations as to what I could use).

Spider Cookies - Ritz Crackers with Nutella filling, pretzel legs and raisin eyes.

Witches Hands. Plastic gloves with candy corn fingernails and filled with popcorn. I loved these!

Pumpkin Rolls (on top) - cheese rolled in tortilla shells and topped with a sprig of parsely. Mummy's Fingers - cocktail weinies wrapped in a tortilla with a touch of ketchup on the edge to resemble bloody nails.

Our craft for the day was pumpkin suncatchers. I cut contact paper in the shape of a pumpkin and let the kids add orange and green squares of tissue paper. I topped with another sheet of contact paper. They look so pretty hanging in the window!

Another fun activity would be to decorate Trick-or-Treat buckets. I know Michaels sells these around Halloween. Basically, it's a colorful plastic sand bucket decorated with foam shapes to resemble pumpkins, monsters, ghosts, etc. Pinky and I made one last year and it turned out really cute!

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