Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Best of Intentions

I set out today with the intention of crossing an item off of my crafting list. I had the urge to make a glass tile necklace for myself. Since we're (still) in the process of moving rooms around, my craft stuff is in a very disorganized heap in my new craft area in the basement. While searching that giant heap for the supplies I needed, I came across some old scrapbooking paper that I had completely forgotten about.

One sheet that caught my attention was a full mock up of the Candyland board game. Now, I have NO idea what my original intention was when I bought this paper, but I'm so glad that I did. Pinky loves Candyland - more specifically she loves Princess Frostine. She loves her so much that I spend most of my day pretending to BE Princess Frostine. Princess Frostine has been to our house for tea parties and sleep overs; she's joined us for shopping trips at Wal-Mart and rides in the car, and she tucks Pinky into bed every night. She's become an obsession.

So, being your average forget-about-having-something-for-me-the-kids-would-love-this type of mom, I set to work to make Pinky a Princess Frostine glass tile necklace. I ended up with two tiles - one of Princess Frostine and one of her magic wand. I think Pinky is going to love these! I bought the ribbon necklaces (pictured in this previous post) on etsy to string the tiles on.

Here's the all important Princess Frostine necklace (these were nearly impossible to get a good picture of with my camera and my frustration got the better of me before I got around to the second necklace).

I'm sure I'll get around to making myself a necklace some other day...

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