Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day Suncatchers

I've seen various versions of these suncatcher hearts floating around the internet. Since it's no secret that we love contact paper crafts around here (what's not to love? they're easy, quick and leave very little mess), I thought it would be fun to add a little Valentine's Day decoration to the house!

I had Pinky help me cut the tissue paper. She needs some practice with holding scissors and since the cuts didn't have to be perfect, I thought it was the perfect job for her.

Pinky loved this craft. She jumped right in and got to work (I didn't know princesses worked so hard).

Chaos wasn't very interested. He liked the stickiness of the contact paper and wanted to stick his sippy cup to it. Otherwise though, he gave up pretty early on so I finished his hearts.

The finished masterpieces. I'm always impressed by how pretty tissue paper is in the sun.

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Hip Hick Chick said...

I love these! I really need to get some contact paper and do some of these too! Yours turned out great!

Brandon said...
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