Monday, January 31, 2011

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Pinky has been asking for some time to go scrapbooking with me. When I saw that my local store was offering a "Kids Kamp" to make school valentines, I signed us up! This past weekend Pinky and I spent 2 hours at the store putting together 24 of the cutest Valentine's Day Cards. The store had everything ready for us. We just had to fold, glue, and ink (and do a bit of cutting with the words). It was the perfect project to hold a 5 year old's attention, and I really think the cards turned out great. Pinky does too and wants to keep them all in her room. I hope she changes her mind before Valentine's Day!

Here's a look at all the designs. We made 3 of each design:

And a closer look:

I love the bird!

The inside of the bunny card reads "wants to be your Valentine."

The inside of the owl card reads "you're a hoot" (Pinky's favorite -she thought it was hilarious) and the puppy card reads "You're Dog-gone Great!"

The inside of the hippo card reads "Hippo, Hippo Hurray it's Valentine's Day!"

I think Pinky's friends will really love these (if I can convince her to part with them).

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