Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bubble Print Thank You Cards

I think there is nothing sweeter than a handmade thank you card from a child. So, after Pinky's birthday party I helped her make her own thank you cards for her friends.

First, we started by making bubble prints using the tutorial at Meet the Dubiens. Two important tips when doing this - 1. Use acrylic paint. The colors are SO vibrant. 2. She is not joking when she said it's a messy craft. So put down a table cloth, splat mat or whatever you use and change into some old clothes.

Pinky loved, loved, loved this activity. I have to say, even I had fun making a few prints. Try this activity. You will not be disappointed.

Next, I cut down the bubble prints to fit on the front of our construction paper cards, and Pinky glued them down.

Once all the cards were assembled I had Pinky write Thank You on the outside and a short note inside.

In all, it took us several days to make 10 cards, but the outcome was better than a store bought card, don't you think?

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RedTedArt said...

I am a MASSIVE fan of thank you cards.. and we make them all the time: we get to craft, we teach values AND someone gets a lovely card through the post and is super happy! So I LOVE your bubble cards. They are fab!!

Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!


Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

These look so fun to make too! Thanks for linking to theKids Can Craft Party!

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