Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Review

Happy New Year! While my family and I are enjoying the day, here is look back at what I have accomplished from my (very lofty) goal of a year of crafting. Some things I originally wanted to complete became not necessary or changed slightly as the year went on. Some items I just didn't get to. But you know what? I'm still glad I tried. I'm even working on a new list for this year.

Wherever possible, I added a link to the post with the completed picture or to the original set of instructions for those crafts I did not finish.

Crafts to Finish:
1. Pinky's Baby Quilt - currently a work in progress
2. Sun dress for Pinky (and the matching doll dress) that I started last summer. Half isn't bad, right?
3. Baby doll quilt - I need to upload some pictures for this one
4. Jewelry holder made from an old screen

Crafts to Try:
5. Christmas Stockings for the whole family - a current work in progress
6. Cloth baby shoes (think Robeez style)
7. Burp cloth
8. Premade scrapbook pages.
9. Baby stacking rings
10.Taggie blanket I did make a taggie football. That's close enough for me.
11. Baby blocks
12. Handprint canvases
13. Framed fabric art for bathroom I didn't make this one, but instead we found a beautiful framed art piece on clearance. So...crossing this one off too.

Gifts to Make:
14. Eye Spy bag
15. Felt food Donut, Sugar Cookies, Cupcake
16. Crayon roll up. This will be a great diaper bag item.
17. Superhero cape for dress up and...
18. Superhero mask
19. Tutu
20. Fishing game (the tutorial for this one is no longer available)
21. Cloth house (in a garage version with cars for Chaos and maybe a barn with animals too. Depending on Pinky's interest I may also make a doll house for her)
22. Soap balls with prizes inside Pinky and I made soap shapes and balls, no prizes though.
23. Scrabble tile necklace Glass tile necklace, but same process and idea
24. Kid's artwork collage

And last, but certainly not least:
25. Pottery Barn knock off craft desk We went for the less expensive Ikea version instead, but I still love having an area in our newly finished basement to work on my crafts!

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